"I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life."

~ Elise de Wolfe


I love Let's Glow.  They step in when my schedule doesn't allow the time to burn, literally burn I'm Irish.  They puts you right at ease, its like her services are an instant vacation.  
~Erin Martin
Its therapy in a nutshell all wrapped into 20 minutes.    The girls are fun to be around and when they tan you, it transforms your body and your vanity in an instant.  Not only do you look healthier, it blends all those wonderful spots you get as you age plus making you look thinner. My tans look like it did when I was 20.   I get no less than 10 compliments every time I tan, everyone asking where I've been?  No one ever believes its a spray tan, no joke.   I love it because I know I'm not damaging my skin anymore in the sun and I feel great when its done.   You feel better in a dress, swimsuit and even your birthday suit.   They are really good and I think if you haven't done it before, its well worth at least one try!    One of those luxuries in life that is worth every solitary penny.  
~Erin Lail
I just wanted to say thank you for the AMAZING spray tan that you gave me and my bridesmaids before my wedding at Calistoga Ranch last Wednesday.  It is still going strong and I haven't had any patchiness at all. I'm addicted!
~ Sophie Derry