What should I wear during my spray tan?

You can wear as little or as much as you’d like.  Keep in mind that whatever you wear will leave a tan line!  We also provide disposable thongs to all of our clients at the beginning of the appointment. 

How long before my wedding, vacation, prom, etc. should I get my spray tan?

We recommend getting your spray tan two days before any event to ensure a flawless tan without running the risk of getting bronzer on your clothes or dress.

How long will my spray tan last?

The longevity of your spray tan depends on several different factors.  Your skin type, your lifestyle (for example, do you swim every day?), how frequently you moisturize, and the solution used.  Generally, your tan will last 7 to 10 day

Does my spray tan protect me from sunburn?

Unfortunately, your spray tan does not contain any SPF and will not protect you from getting burnt!  So please, ladies, wear your sunscreen!

What if I am already sunburned? Can I still get a spray tan?

Spray tanning over a sunburn will not elicit the best results, as your skin needs to heal (plus a peeling spray tan is not a good look). 

How long will my appointment take?

You can plan on your appointment to take about 20 minutes from start to finish. 

Can I work out after my appointment?

Sweating will ruin the development of your tan.  We recommend that you do not workout until you take your first post spray tan shower.

Why do some sunless tans start to become patchy when they fade?

The active ingredient in airbrush tanning solution is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). The DHA reacts with your dead skin cell’s proteins, resulting in a bronzing effect. Therefore, as your skin goes through its natural exfoliation process, these dead skin cells shed. It is important to note that not every cell sheds at the same rate. You may have some “tanned” cells that remain or last longer than others. (The result of this is an appearance of dark spots that looks similar to freckles.) This has no correlation to your airbrush technician or the solution. Keep in mind that this process tends to be a bit more noticeable when you choose a shade that is significantly darker than your natural skin color. We also recommend heavily moisturizing with the proper product to avoid some of these issues, which we sell at the salon.

Can I moisturize with oil?

Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and even baby oil will quickly strip your spray tan.  In fact, using an oil with your exfoliant is a great way to remove your old spray tan.  For this reason, we recommend not using oils as moisturizers. 

Can I get a spray tan if I have skin conditions like severe scars, vitiligo, acne, etc?

Absolutely!  We will work one on one with our clients who have any concerns about their skin to make sure they get a flawless spray tan every time.