Exfoliators we love for maximum GLOW

Exfoliating is key to the perfect glow!

We cannot stress the importance of a good pre-tan exfoliating routine enough.  It can often make or break the quality of your tan, as un-exfoliated and uneven skin texture can result in some patchiness, which no one wants.  However, you also do not want to exfoliate too much, or with a highly abrasive exfoliant, because that can scratch and damage the skin (we'll admit though, we've gotten a little crazy with our exfoliating mitts in the past).  Here are some of our favorite exfoliators and tips to go along with them:


Frank is an awesome coffee based scrub that smells amazing.  Use your hands to dig a couple scoops out of the bag once your in the shower and scrub scrub scrub in circular motions.  

NV Organics Grape Seed Scrub

This scrub was made right here at home for the NV Organics line.  It exfoliates and moisturizes, so this is a great option for dry skin. Use it with your hands or a washcloth for days when you need a little extra exfoliating action. 


This scrub is more roughly milled than the NV Organics scrub, so don't use it with a washcloth or exfoliating mitts.  It will get the job done on its own. 

Throw away your loofah! 

One of our biggest tips is to throw away your loofah!  As cute as they are, they don't properly exfoliate and can leave you with uneven skin.  Toss them ASAP and get yourself a scrub.  

Happy exfoliating gorgeous!