Celebrities: They Tan Like Us!

Ever wonder how your favorite celeb got her glow?

Hint: it's a spray tan!  Hollywood has turned away from tanning beds and baking in the sun and has switched to spray tanning!  They know it will protect them from skin damage, pre mature aging, and of course, cancer.  Here are some of our favorite celebrities that love to glow! 

Jennifer Aniston:

Jen Aniston has always been known for her beach waves and sun kissed glow.  She has admitted that she did way too much sun bathing in her 20s and 30's, and began seeing sunspots and wrinkles because of it.  Now she spray tans regularly and wears a high SPF every day!

Chrissy Teigen:

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen is a big fan of a good spray tan.  She says, "The results are so brown, flawless, and natural. It's just weird because my natural skin color is very white, almost whitish yellow."  When she was asked what her pre-wedding beauty rituals were going to be before her 2013 wedding to John Legend, Chrissy said "a spray tan and shellac nails."  Our kinda girl! 

Nicole Richie:

We know, sometimes when you hear "Nicole Richie" you cringe at the memory of Von Dutch hats, terry cloth sweatpants, and cut off denim skirts.  But Nicole has really taken a turn for the better. She's ditched the chunky black and yellow highlights, and more importantly, the tanning bed.  She has said that, since she is of mixed ethnicities, when she is pale she looks more green, so spray tanning is an absolute must

Kate Hudson:

We love Kate!  We loved her even more when we learned she is a regular spray tanner.  On her Fabletics blog (her athletic wear company) she writes,
"It can be hard to resist the temptation of a tan; being bronzed can definitely make you appear tighter and toned. I’m outdoorsy by nature and love taking in the sun’s rays while being active, but my dermatologist has limited me to 25 minutes a day. Now, to achieve a golden glow without damaging my skin, I turn to spray tanning."

Kim Kardashian:

It goes without saying that Kim K is a frequent spray tanner.  She may even get more spray tans than us, and that's saying something! She's always been open about her spray tanning habit, even posting a selfie while her tan was developing.  Yes, that stage that you don't want anyone to see you in, let alone 30.5 million Instagram followers.  There's no shame in her spray tan game and we respect that! 

We can't wait to make you feel like a celebrity!  Book that appointment and glow on gorgeous!