A Friendly PSA (Public Sunscreen Announcement) from Let's Glow

PSA! PSA! Sunnier Days Are Coming!!

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the spring fever vibes are flowing! Spring is among us!  Which means we are moving out of winter and into our favorite seasons, Spring and Summer! Yes, your spray tan will be stunning all season long, but our clients know we are much more than just spray tanners, we are skin care obsessed.  We believe in treating your skin right, which means always wearing sunscreen.  It is easy to get out of the habit of wearing sunscreen when the winter clouds cover the sun, but making sure to wear sunscreen in spring and summer is SUPER important for the overall health of your skin.  

UV Rays cause skin cancer and premature aging

UV Rays cause skin cancer and premature aging

Your Tan (Spray or Real) Doesn't Protect You

Tan looks good on everyone.  But skin cancer does not.  Just because you are naturally tan or dark skinned, or you don't burn in the sun, does not mean that you are safe from the sun's damaging rays (remember, Bob Marley died of a malignant melanoma).  All people, pale to dark, are at risk.  Your spray tan will also not save your skin, as there is no UV protection in the solution, so sunscreen it up after you've got your spray tan on! 

Remember this photo the next time you skip out on sunscreen while driving..  

This seventy year old truck driver spent 28 years in the driver's seat, driving hundreds of miles a day, with one side of his face exposed to the sun.  While the sunless side aged well, the side with sun damage is significantly more aged.  Don't let this happen to you! We also like to put sunscreen on the tops of our hands when we drive, since the hands are the first place we see noticeable damage. 

So please, beautiful glowing gal, wear that sunscreen and let us give you the tan!  Your future self will thank you! Glow on gorgeous!!