A Glow Girl's Guide to Festivals

It's Festival Time!

We are officially in the season of music festivals!  South By South West is going on this weekend, Coachella is right around the corner, and Bottlerock will be here before we know it!  Here is the Let's Glow Girl's Guide on how to survive festival season. 

What To Wear:

We've seen some of the cutest outfits at music festivals, but sometimes they can look uncomfortable and impractical.  Yes, your new Jeffrey Campbell booties are amazing, but are you going to regret the four inch heel as you sink into the grass and can't dance? Yes, yes you will.  The key to festival fashion is comfort and practicality.  Those big floppy hats aren't just for looks, they will keep you cute and from getting burned.  Don't wear anything that you've never worn before.  You can buy the most adorable maxi, but if its too long and is slipping all day, you will be too preoccupied with adjusting your outfit to enjoy yourself, and that is NOT the glow girl way.  Same goes for shoes!  Blisters at a festival are recipe for disaster.  

Hair and Makeup:

Festivals are a fun time to bust out your hair and makeup alter ego!  Wanting to wear a bright lip? Go for it! Thinking of doing face paint? What's stopping you?  One thing to keep in mind when planning your hair and makeup look is that you generally will not be able to touch up throughout the day, so maybe keep the false lashes at home.  We also suggest using a long wear foundation so that you're looking fine from morning to midnight.  For hair, we think keeping it natural and flowing is the perfect way to wear it for a festival.  Put a little shine serum in it in the morning, spray a little hairspray, and you are on your way!  Fresh flower crowns are a super fun way to spice up your hair look too.  Erica at EV Floral Design in St. Helena is amazing at them if you are in the market for one.  

Flower crown by Erica at EV Floral Design! 

Flower crown by Erica at EV Floral Design! 

What To Bring:

There are always a few things we wish people had told us to bring before heading into a festival.  Here's what we always have on hand! 

Sunscreen and Sunglasses: These are a MUST! Protect your skin! Nothing worse than a bad Coachella tan line to ruin your summer wedding outfit.

Small Comfortable Purse:  We like small purses with long straps because they are comfortable to wear.  Keep in mind that the bigger the bag, the more room for your friends to ask if they can throw their stuff into it. By the end of the night you'll have four people's cameras, a water bottle, two wallets, ten sets of keys, and a neck ache.  

Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes:  No bathrooms and no sinks means no ability to wash your hands, and after you use a portable toilet, you'll definitely want to.  

Chapstick or Gloss:  Nothing is more irritating than dry lips, and the sun will keep drying them out.  Keep them moisturized with a good lip balm!

Snacks:  Throw a Luna bar and some nuts into your purse incase you get hungry and don't feel like waiting 45 minutes in line for a cold corn dog.  

A Portable Cell Phone Charger: Picture this: You're at Bottlerock.  You've been taking pictures and instagramming all day.  As No Doubt comes out, you finally get to see Gwen Stefani in real life, and you are in awe over her perfect face and even more perfect abs.  You go to take a picture and your phone is dead.  If the idea of not getting that picture horrifies you, grab that portable charger or battery and throw it in your purse (and make sure it's actually charged).  

Have the best time at your upcoming festival glow girl!  And as always, GLOW ON GORGEOUS! Or as Jimi would say... Foxey Lady.