How To: Rock A Cutout Dress

We are fully in award season! We've had the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, The Grammys, and the Oscars are coming up!  What we have noticed (besides the amazing, and not so amazing, spray tans) is that cut outs are IN.  They've been on trend for a while now, but have really taken off this award season.  With Valentine's Day right around the corner, a cute cutout dress is definitely something to try if you're feeling daring! Here are our tips for pulling it off without a hitch! 

Tip: All over skincare is key! 

     Of course you take care of the skin on your face, but what about the rest of your body? Is it getting the love it deserves? If you wanna rock a cut out dress, beautiful skin is essential! This means exfoliating with a great, non oily scrub (no, loofahs don't count people!), and following up with a luxurious, ultra hydrating body cream.  This will buff away dead skin cells, and replenish your skin, leaving it glowing and healthy! 

Tip: Get A Spray Tan!

     Okay, maybe we are a little biased on this one, but we can honestly say that a spray tan is your best accessory when it comes to cut out fashion.  Sometimes we can get away with a bronzed, glowing face with makeup, leaving the rest of our body is pale, but in this case it won't work.  With cut outs, you need your body to be the same color as your face! Otherwise, someone may think your black cutout dress is really a black and white patterned dress (we kid). Add this step to our Tip #1, but instead of hydrating your skin with lotion, head over to Let's Glow and hydrate after your first post tan shower. 

Tip: Mix some shimmer into your lotion for an all over glow

So you've exfoliated, got your spray tan, and are ready for your debut.  We love mixing some fine shimmer into our favorite body butters and lotions to create a delicate, all over glow! Celebrities on the red carpet do this all the time, because the lights subtly pick up the shimmer and create an ethereal GLOW.  Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are both BIG fans of this. 

Now that you've got the tips to rock a cut out dress, or to just have amazing looking skin, glow on with your bad self!