The Glow Girls Guide to Gift Giving!

Christmas is finally here! 

Well... almost here, which means its time to start wrapping up (no pun intended) your holiday shopping!  Can't think of what to get some of your girls?  Don't worry! We've got some ideas for you! 


There is something so elegant about a super nice, amazingly delicious smelling candle.  This is a great gift to give because everyone on your list surely loves a warm candle glow during the holidays!  Diptyque makes incredible (and long lasting) candles in a variety of scents that are sure to please! 

Body Scrubs

In the winter, skin tends to be dry and dull, so what better time to gift a luxurious body scrub than Christmas? A nice scrub will exfoliate off dead cells and rejuvenate your skin.  We love the smell of the Laura Mercier body scrub line.  Fresh also makes one that smells like chocolate that is to die for!  Both can be found at Sephora and Nordstroms. 

A Let's Glow Gift Card

If you're going to gift a body scrub, you may as well gift a Let's Glow gift certificate!  Your loved one will have perfectly prepped skin for a spray tan!  A spray tan is a treat that can kick the winter blues, and is the best accessory for any holiday or New Years party.  You know that friend who has been carefully selecting presents all month for everyone she loves and rarely treats herself?  This is the perfect gift for her!  You can get one by going on our website and clicking "Gift Certificates" at the top of the page. 

Cool Jewelry

Jewelry is a reflection of personal style, so this is a great gift for your bestie.  If you know her style, you'll be able to zero in on a really cool statement necklace, or even a delicate piece that she can wear everyday.  Our favorite places to look for unique pieces are Anthropologie, Kei Jewelry, and Free People.  

Body Butter

We're on a trend here with the winter skin body care!  The cold really tends to dry out our skin, making it dull and itchy.  We also tend to take long hot showers in the winter which dries our skin out even more.  What a perfect gift to help a friend in need of some skincare lovin! Body butters are thicker than regular lotions, are more hydrating, and come in so many different scents, you're bound to find the perfect one for everyone on your gift list!  They will also keep your holiday party spray tan looking glowy and hydrated! 

We hope this gives you some ideas for this holiday season! Glow on Gorgeous!