Spray Tanning in the Winter, is it worth it?

During the winter season clients question, should I spray tan or wait until Spring?  Why not feel and look sexy all year!  Here are some great tips of why and how to tan during the winter season!


How often should I tan in the winter?  We think every other week is a great way to maintain the color---When Spray Tanning often, client take great care of ALL of their skin! Most clients do not regularly exfoliate their body but mainly the face! With spray tanning you have to exfoliate off the dead skin before getting a new one---making your glow last longer and look more even (exfoliation also keeps the skin more youthful and helps with pigmentation). To maintain your glow, moisturizing with lotion daily or twice a day helps the tan last longer, therefore your skin stay more hydrated throughout the cold winter months!

We hope to see more glowing goddesses in the Spray Tans rooms this winter! Look good, feel good, stay hydrated and spray tan away those winter blues!!