Big Beachy Hair

Every day, clients come in and ask me about my hair, so I figured I would make it easy and write a blog post about exactly what I do!  It is super easy, I promise.  I am actually not very good at doing hair, so I keep things pretty simple!  It's a little beachy, a little 60's, a little rock and roll, and requires minimal time!  Let's get going!

So the question I get asked most frequently is, "Who does your extensions?"  I wish I could refer everyone to a person for extensions, but I actually don't wear any.  I've got a combination of Spanish and Portuguese roots, and that left me with a thick (and often unruly) head of hair.  You don't need a lot of hair to get a similar effect though! 

So here are the products you need:

-A teasing brush/comb.  I got mine at Ulta for 5 or 6 dollars, it's just your standard boar bristle teasing brush.  You can really use anything you like, as long as it works for you and gets the teasing job done!

-A strong hold hairspray.  I like to use Kenra 25, which you can get at Heaven and Earth in St. Helena.  It holds my hair all day long and smells amazing.  A less expensive alternative would be your classic L'Oreal Elnett Extra Strong Hold.  I like this product a lot, but don't love the smell.  I always keep a bottle on hand though! 

-A volumizing powder.  I use Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing Powder, which you can pick up at Bella Bridal when you come in to get your spray tan at our St. Helena location.  This stuff works like magic for instant volume and texture. 

-Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.  This is my holy grail product.  It adds so much texture and volume and really transforms my hair.  I have yet to find a local salon that sells this product, so I get mine online.  It's pricey, but it is so worth it.  The bottle lasts me a good six months and I use it pretty much every day.  

-A curling iron.  Doesn't matter what brand, or even what size really.  I would recommend a 1 inch barrel though.  Hot Tools makes a great iron, so does Conair, and if you want to invest, Sultra makes an amazing iron.  


1. Spray your roots with the texturizing spray.  Put a little extra where you want more volume.

2. Bust out your teasing comb and just go to town.  Take small sections of your hair and tease those roots.  Make a huge mess out of your hair and tease, tease, tease (don't be afraid).  

3.  Sprinkle in some of the volumizing powder in between the sections of teased hair (you should be looking like a lioness by now) and rub it in with your fingers.  Mess it up a little more.

4. Spray your teasing/volumizing work with a little hairspray and then smooth it out with your brush so you don't get frizzy. 

5. Now you're gonna take your curling iron and just wrap small sections of hair around the iron, don't even use the clamp, just wrap it around for about 10-15 seconds and then let it go.  Once I've done my whole head to my liking, I hit it with the Kenra 25 to set it and then I shake it out a little bit.  An optional step is to spray a little Oribe Apres Beach in there to give it some more beachy texture.  

That's it! You're done! At night, I put my hair in a braid and then in the morning I'll just touch it up until I wash my hair again and restyle it.  You're on your way to big, beachy hair! (PS- The best way to show off this hair is to get a spray tan. I'm serious.  Nothing says boho chic like a level III spray tan and some beachy waves).