Meet Liz!

We sat down with our very own Liz Kashani to talk about Let's Glow and her perspective on spray tan.



When did you start Let's Glow?

I started Let’s Glow in 2011 with my best friend Jessica.  I had owned my own airbrush machine for personal use and would spray tan my friends for extra money.  Jessica and I saw a need for this service in the Valley.  She had a marketing background and I had the beauty background, starting a spray tan business just made sense.

What were you doing before you founded Let's Glow?  

I am a licensed esthetician so I had been working at a beauty store and doing retail, esthetics, waxing/facials. 

What inspired you to make the change?  

I knew I wanted to help people, especially those addicted to the tanning booth and laying in the sun.  I used to be one of those sun/tanning bed worshipers.  When I found spray tanning I never stepped foot into a tanning booth or in the sun, why would I, spray tanning made it so easy to get the glow I wanted and it was good for my skin.

Why did you decide to call your business Let's Glow?

I loved the word GLOW because I really think it captures the kind of Spray Tan I provide, nothing too dark and fake but truly a GLOW that makes your skin radiate.  I wanted my company to represent that Glow look so I came up with Let’s Glow.

What makes Let's Glow stand out?  

I believe my spray tans are the best because on top just specializing in airbrush tanning, I like to educate my clients on skincare.  Being a licensed esthetician I keep up with current skincare trends, products, and any kind of skin issues.

You are a licensed esthetician.  How does that help you with your clients?

I think being an esthetician is very helpful and necessary if you are spray tanning someone.  Lots of clients come in and ask questions on how the solution will affect their skin, what ingredients to avoid, etc.  I have a background in skin conditions and ingredients so I am able to educate my clients.  Before I started spray tanning for a living I took many training courses and further education in spray tanning so I would be as knowledgeable in the field as I could be.  I wanted each client to feel like they can trust my expertise and they are getting the most thorough spray tan ever.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who has never had spray tanned what would it be?  

Follow the prep directions!!!

How can we reserve our next "Glow" with you?   

Go online to the website  and click schedule now, its so easy!